Earlier today I made a comment on Twitter that I hated Michelle Obama. Here is what I Tweeted along with a picture of a VERY annoyed Michelle Obama:

She HATES Trump after that speech he just gave.  Therefore, Michelle O. hates America! Ergo, I hate HER!!!!

Naturally, I received some criticism over that statement. But there is a Biblical reason why I said what I said. Michelle and her husband Barak have repeatedly demonstrated their hatred for the Bible, Christian believers, and Christianity in general by constantly siding with those who are in direct opposition to Christ and His followers. Whether it be in the form of liberal policies, comments made that favor liberal agendas, associating with God-less, blaspheming people who despise the Word of God, or bowing down to Islam, the Koran, and Muslim terrorists all over the world. Simply put, the Obamas have shown themselves to be enemies…

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