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Until this morning the US government played fast and loose with accusations that Russia hacked our 2016 Presidential Election and overthrew the democratic system of the USA. Really…did Russia really do any such thing?

First off, the USA is not supposed to be a “democratic system” but rather a Constitutional Republic. Those calling the USA a democracy lose credibility on that point alone.

Next, Obama’s spook agencies said the hack attack happened at least twice during the presidential campaign. Really? So why are they just now taking action…or even revealing it happened? Reason = the radical Progressive extremists (i.e. Democrats) lost the election and now they are trying to create a “soft coup” to undermine and overthrow Trump’s presidency.

But, let’s back up and talk about any evidence that Russia in-fact was to blame. In other words…where is the evidence?

New FBI Report –

Up until this morning there wasn’t…

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