Bro Mike and Lisa
Bernice Whitehead-health
Melissa – kidney stones
Nancy’s sister, Judy for health.
Susan Parham needs prayer for spiritual guidance & children
Elena has a lot of issues item life, but she is still trusting God.
Ronda Is having strokes and needs salvation
Mark for understanding and wisdom
Raymond-heart & back
Kittie needs prayer for her situations and her children.
Davy & Scott need salvation
Amber needs prayer, her family, and Spencer
Watcher & her husband for finances
Watcher asking prayer for her pastor & his family
Pray for James Carter
Janet needs prayer in a job situation
Adolfo Guerra needs prayer and for his family
Rhonda needs prayer for her health and other things in her life
Daisy Greenwood has a brain tumor.
Grace needs prayer for health
Linda has an unspoken
Rick & Ruth needs prayer for job & relocating away from kids & family.

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