On our way back today from our first Prophecy Road Show in Delphi, Indiana, we took a 3 hour ‘out-of-the-way’ diversion to visit The Ark Encounter, Aside from some misquoted Bible verses, it was a great experience! It really puts in to perspective the phenomenal, or rather impossible, task given to Noah and his 3 sons. Viewing it from the outside, then walking all three floors on the inside, I was totally struck with the enormity, design, engineering, and assembly of this ‘plan of salvation’.

After we arrived home late this evening, I thought of the hundreds of architects, engineers, designers, carpenters, laborers, woodsmen, crane operators, bulldozers, trucks, etc, required to build this massive model of the original. Then, I thought of the original. Designed, cut, hauled and built by Noah and his 3 sons. But with one significant difference. It was built with God’s help, and could not…

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