Bro Mike and Lisa
Courtney needs prayer for health
Keith needs prayer for health
Alicia for her health
Tom Legault & wife for health
The Grooms Family.
Roy & Bonnie’s niece passed away. Please keep their family in your prayers.
Gwen is getting tubes in her ears on the 19th.
Rivkah for her health
Mike’s Dad, Charles.
Willis girl friend for legal issues
Ovaldo wants to give her life to the Lord.
Donna Trulove pray for surgeries on May 16th. Bladder & kidney.
Stacy Gray was in a bad accident from a seizure. She is brain dead.
They will take her off life support on Tuesday.
Prosy for Prashant needs to be saved.
Tim- daughter, her marriage & her daughter has a eating disorder &his in a treatment center and she is also homosexual. Other family members are homosexuals.
Linda Twomey & Lola Hensley and family needs prayer
Davy needs…

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